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Trane, the most known name in the heating and cooling industry. This American made product has been keeping people comfortable for over 100 years. With furnaces up to 97% efficient and outdoor units up to 20 SEER, Trane has exactly what you need. When you mix this quality product with Whole Home Comfort's quality install practices, you end up with the perfect home comfort system

AirEase, a reliable, high quality, American made product. Of over 300 brands of HVAC equipment AirEase is in the top 15 on Consumer Reports. This American made product, a member of the Lennox family, has one of the lowest warranty claim records in the industry. With furnaces up to 97% efficient and outdoor units up to 20 SEER this product is something you can count on to keep you comfortable when you need it most.


The perfect answer for that awkward space. A mini split is just what you you need for that addition, 3 seasons room, or room above the garage. With units up to 26 SEER you can finally enjoy every all of your home without breaking the bank running window units and space heaters. LG mini-splits, are quiet, affordable, and reliable. Schedule an appointment with one of our project managers today to learn more.